• Consultation
  • Submitting the documents
  • Sign our agreement
  • Scheduling viewing(s)
  • Drafting and sending rental agreement
  • Inspection & check-in


  • Consultation
  • Visit
  • Determine price & discuss conditions
  • Sign our agreement
  • Making the property presentable (take professional photos etc.)
  • Publish the property on the market
  • Schedule viewings with potential tenants
  • Screen potential tenant(s)
  • Draw up rental agreement
  • Inspection & check-in


  • Consultation
  • Make an inventory of your wishes
  • Sign our agreement
  • Schedule viewings
  • Place bid
  • Valuation report
  • Architectural inspection
  • Schedule notarial deed at notary
  • Inspection & closing


  • Consultation
  • Visit proper & discuss marketing
  • Determine the price
  • Sign our agreement
  • Making the property presentable (take professional photo’s etc.)
  • Publish the property on the market
  • Schedule viewings
  • Conduct negotiations
  • Accept offer & closing at notary

Frequently Asked Questions

General questions

Yes, this is possible if your partner’s income meets the income requirements of 3.5 times the rent. Optionally, a part of savings / equity can be included in the income. If you have a question about this, please Contact us
Yes, this is possible with our team of interior stylists/contractors. Contact us for the possibilities.

Yes, this is possible, your employer will then be designated to pay the rent.


Before we send our professional photographer to take photos, we ask you to make the house presentable. Make sure that loose objects and personal items/photos are out of sight, so that we can make presentative photos of your house.

We aim to help every customer within 2 weeks. It is often the case that we rent out a home within a week. However, we are dependent on the market at the time we offer your home for rental.

Yes, this is possible. The interest in the property depends on the market at that time. If there are multiple applications, we will organize an open house. We expect to find a tenant after max. 2 open-house moments.

Our agency fee to rent out your home including the additional services is 75% of the rental price of 1 month. This amount does not include VAT.


2-5. This depends on the client. We strive to find your ideal home within +/- 3 viewings.

No, unfortunately that is not possible. We can find a house from a price of €1350 excl. utilities.

Yes, if you meet the income requirements it is possible to rent a home. However, you cannot include the income from your student loan.

The rental agreements apply for a minimum of 12 months unless stated otherwise in the description.

To be eligible for one of the properties offered, you must submit the following documents 

If you are on the payroll: : 

  • Copy of identification (passport or ID). 
  • Employer’s statement (max. 1 month old). 
  • Work contract. 
  • 3 recent payslips. 
  • Bank statement of 3 recent salary deposits into the bank account. 
  • Copy of bank card from the account to which the salary is deposited. 
  • UWV statement (to be requested from the UWV) 
  • Landlord statement or mortgage statement. 
  • Extract from the population register (BRP). 

If you are an entrepreneur: 

  • Copy of identification (passport or ID). 
  • IB declaration of the most recent year. 
  • Accountant statement. 
  • Year reports of the 2 most recent years

If it is stated in the description of the property, then it is allowed.

That depends on the wishes of the client however we strive to find a home within 2 weeks. We will keep you informed at every step of the process.

If several candidates apply for the same house, the owner will make a decision and choose with which applicant they will proceed.

Yes, we need the following documents: 

  • Copy of identification (passport or ID card) 
  • Income tax declaration of the most recent financial year. 
  • Chamber of Commerce extract (maximum 3 months old) 
  • Accountant statement.

Yes, a maximum of two individuals can share a property if this is allowed by the owner.

Your gross income must be at least 3 times as high as the rental amount. Any savings / equity may usually be included in part. This depends on the lessor.

We work on a “no cure no pay”. This means that we start working for you immediately and you only pay us afterwards. Our agency fee is equal to 1 month rent excluding VAT. You will only pay these costs with a successful mediation. If you decide to stop our services during the search for a home, you only pay for the viewings that we have already done with you. You can find more information about this in our terms and conditions.


Yes, this is possible. Contact us to discuss the purchase.

When you receive pre-approval from the bank/mortgage provider. If you do not know how much the bank will give you, we can refer you to our partners. We can also accompany you to the appointment.

So we can specifically search for properties within your budget.


We strive to sell your property as fast as possible however the entire process is dependent on the housing market at that time.

Yes you can but you must be authorized by that person.

We sell properties in and around Amsterdam. Think of area’s such as Amstelveen, Almere and Zaandam.

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